Publications during the last years

Here you can find some of my publications during the last two decades which were published in different magazines. They are sorted in different topics. Please click  'here' and you can read them.

Some are just historical, but some of the published theories you can understand much better when you know the 'historical development'.

Please note that all of these texts are 'copyright' protected. 
A personal use is allowed but please ask before you distribute them.

Other Pet Birds

Siskins Their Natural Life, 
Care and Breeding
Lecture during the First Triennial International Convention of Finches and Seedeaters (Brisbane) July 2002


The Value of feeding Seaweed

AZ-Nachrichten 44. Jahrgang (1997) S. 5-8

I also have published some books (some with another author) in German language but with a lot of coloured pictures:

Unfortunately both volumes of the 'Handbuch der Cardueliden' are out of print. A second edition is planned.
The 'Atlas of Coloured Canaries' is available by  Hanke Verlag .  "Canaries" you can get at the local bookshop or at Verlag Eugen Ulmer. Please contact them.